How to Apply

American Legion Auxiliary Oklahoma Girls State 2020 

 The American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Oklahoma Girls State is an educational program focused on government, leadership, and patriotism.  It is held on the campus of the University of Oklahoma from May 24 through May 29, 2020.  Delegates must be junior girls in High School this year.  Delegates should have high moral character, leadership qualities, an ability to work with others, and an interest in government.  Delegates must salute the flag of the United States and show it proper respect.    

There are two ways to apply to OK Girls State.  Please check this list  to determine if the high school is sponsored by an ALA unit.  

If the high school is listed, the student should first contact the highs school counselor regarding the application process.  If the counselor has not been contacted by the ALA unit,  the interested party may then contact the local contact for the ALA on the list. 

If the high school is NOT on the list or the student is home-schooled, they may apply at-large through the OK American Legion Auxiliary Girls State committee.  The student must complete the application, obtain a recommendation from a school official, and write a short essay regarding their interest in Girls State.  If chosen, the delegate will be responsible for the $275 fee.  

At-large applications may not be accepted from anyone attending a high school sponsored by an ALA unit or someone who was not chosen by the local Auxiliary.  

Oklahoma Girls State is limited to 448 girls and requests far exceed our capacity.  When considering applications from delegates-at-large, the Girls State Committee will accept the best applicants statewide giving consideration to the fact that we would like representation from as many different schools as possible.  A limit of two students representing a particular high school will be accepted at-large through the Girls State Committee until the state is adequately represented.  If there are subsequent openings or cancellations, additional alternates from those schools may be chosen based on availability and ranking of applicants.  Alternates will be notified so they need to be prepared to be called on short notice.   

Applications are due to Cheyanne White by March 1, 2020.  Selections and notifications will be made by March 28, 2020.  If chosen, the delegate will be responsible for the $275 application fee, which is due by April 24, 2020.  The delegate is free to seek sponsorship from a business or organization. 

If the delegate goes home or does not show, the fee is forfeited.  Please notify us immediately if a delegate is not able to attend so that we may notify an alternate. We cannot refund any fee after May 15, 2020. 

I am happy to answer any questions.  The best method of contact is to email me.  If you call, please leave a message.  I work full-time and like all of our staff, am a volunteer.  Out of respect for my employer, I only return calls after business hours. 

Jennifer Shaw